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Patient Testimonials

Santa Barbara

  • The entire staff is exceptional in every way! They are also very nice and everyone goes out of their way to help me in all my needs, I am so very grateful to all of them.

    Susan Schwartz

  • I honestly cannot recommend this office and Dr. Hirsh Kaveeshvar highly enough. After 2 back surgeries (my first at the age of 18), countless physical therapy sessions, numerous epidural injections, years of being treated with pain meds, and 50 years of suffering with terrible back pain, I discovered The Spine and Orthopedic Center in Santa Barbara. I met with Dr. Kaveeshvar who recommended a spinal cord stimulator. Long story, short, after some research and a one week trial, I agreed to the implant procedure. It has definitely been worth the temporary discomfort from the surgery, to finally have so much relief from the back pain I've suffered with for so many years. This is life changing for me. If you have been enduring chronic back pain and are seemingly out of options, this is the place to go. They are professional, compassionate, and will work to find the very best treatment solution for your individual condition.

    Erika Gomez

  • Dr Nathani and his staff were professional and very helpful. My elbow surgery went outstanding. The staff and Dr. Nathani were very accommodating with appointments especially since it’s quite a drive to his offices. Couldn’t be happier with my surgeon or his staff!

    Jerry Dawson

  • I had blown a disc at L2 L3 and Dr moelliken not only fixed it he improved a narrator from previous surgeries that was giving me trouble for the past 40 years. I felt well taken care of and informed the staff were wonderful and the follow-up was commendable I would recommend him to anyone.

    Ronald L Cobb

  • Dr. Moelleken and his entire team has proven time and time again to be professional and personal. This is a time to Let people know they can help you. Thank you so very much.


  • "Spent many years in PT and with orthopedic surgeons for my lower back. Finally got to the point where I really couldn’t move to well. I was even talked about getting retired. "
    "So I looked at neurosurgery and Dr Moelkin is who I found. Long story short”is he performed a micro discectomy and saved me. After about 6 months now I’ve been back to work and have most of my mobility back and I’m 90% pain free.. so 100% I would do it all over again. Don’t worry about all the PAs u see. They do a good job and all work together. "


  • "Dr Nathani and his staff are the best. He spends all the time you need to get any questions answered and he never makes you feel rushed. He has only what us in the best interest of the patient. If needed I wouldn't hesitate for a second to use him again and I have already sent a friend to see him. Thank you Dr Nathani."

    Jim Cassel

  • "I'm always treated with respect and professionalism at all locations and with all providers.  Never a complaint or a disatisfaction."


  • "When I come in here, everything is [always] on time."

    Ed Beardsmore

  • "Great care by all the staff at each visit. Thank you!"

    Donna Montano

  • "I’ve been served very well at the Spine Center. All the staff are very helpful and very nice."

    Edward Sierra

  • "You were able to see me within hours of my call, and I am very appreciative in this emergency situation. Thank you for all making a trying experience much more bearable."

    Charles Laroche

  • "Everyone is very nice and polite. Makes me feel welcome!"


  • "Appreciate the level of care and concern for my overall well being. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor (and staff). Thanks!"

    Tina Whitaker

  • "I thank the staff for their hard work. They work as a great team at The Spine Center. I am lucky to be receiving help with my medical condition from The Spine Center providers."


  • "I have nothing but high praise for everyone I’ve dealt with at The Spine Center. I was able to get my appointment very quickly. I’m just sorry I didn’t find Dr. Moelleken sooner and wasted a month with a different provider."

    Connie R. Replogie

  • "The doctor and staff are very accommodating and efficient."

    Keven R. Vickers

  • "I’m very happy with Dr. Moelleken and this office. I definitely feel that I’m getting better."


  • "Great service-everyone double checks everything, which reassures me and lets me know I’ll be taken care of."


  • "The entire team, Dr. Moelleken, Anesthesiologist, Lorreine, and everyone was so kind and caring!"

    Colleen Hugo

  • "There is no comparison to other doctors offices. Both facilities are top notch. The care, understanding, listening and professionalism skills are outstanding. I am spoiled here!"

    Lynn MacPherson

  • "Dr. Moelleken is the best! Lifelong patient! Ken is awesome too!"

    Lisa Uribe

  • "I'm always treated very well here and the staff and doctors as well make sure I’m as comfortable as possible. Thank you."


  • "Everyone is very professional and tactful."

    Daryl Matthews

  • "This is the best experience I’ve ever had with any MD, PA and entire kind staff."

    Colleen Hugo

  • “I just wanted to tell you congratulations on being named as one of 50 of the best spine specialists in the country. I tell everyone I had the very best doctor to do my surgery. Every day after my surgery I could tell a big difference with my back and such improvement. I feel my back is so much better and my stamina is so much better also... I am so thankful for the improvement you have given me…Thank you. My life is better because of you.”

    Doris Louise Warner

  • "I am very thankful for the medical care I've received at The Spine and Orthopedic Center."

    Roberto Martinez

  • "Care has been very thorough and complete."

    Charles Haines

  • "All of the front office staff were prompt, professional, and pleasant. Thank you to all and Dr. Vaidya and the physician assistants."

    Matthew Barron

  • "When I started coming here, I was astounded by the care I received and all of the options for care that are available under one roof."

    Martha Schroeder

  • "Everyone has been kind, patient, and always helpful to the best of their abilities."

    K. Rutledge

  • "Thank you so much. If I hadn't changed doctors, my life would be a lot worse, possibly in a wheel chair. You saved my life, all of you!"

    Shawn Dewey

  • "This is the best medical practice I've ever been to! The doctors are so caring-quick attention to pain relief but thorough with tests, and not fast to rush into surgery. I can usually get an appointment within a couple of days. The whole team works together to make sure I get proper care."


  • "Great attitude, very helpful and friendly. I give an A+++! Thanks to all!"

    Omar Jimenez

Santa Maria

  • "Ken has been an amazing help to me during the emotional time of the loss of my husband."

    Diana Myers

  • "The receptionists are very professional, and the practitioners are very knowledgeable."

    Rolando Rodriguez

  • "The doctors here are able to help you and listen to you and answer any questions."

    Roberta Brislane

  • "[I have] been a patient since 2002.  I ALWAYS recommend The Spine and Orthopedic Center and Dr. Moelleken.  They all feel like family."

    Debbie Tsutsui

  • "Everyone here is really nice and does their job with the utmost respect."


  • "Great care- I love this place."

    Ernesto Sanchez

  • "The staff is very polite and they answers all of my questions well."

    Ramon Enciso

  • "Dr. Moelleken and all his assistants are wonderful people that have changed my life for the better."

    Julie Hake

  • "My overall experience = Awesome. Without these services I wouldn’t be back to work or living life comfortably."

    Jackie Diaz

  • "Everyone does their best to ensure the best treatment."

    Janet Staples

  • "You all do a great job. Thanks for taking such great care of me!"

    Adryanna Guerrero

  • "Dr. Moelleken is a good doctor and I appreciate everything that he has done for me. The staff at the office are also wonderful and very patient."


  • "I would recommend The Spine Center to a friend or relative if they needed to see an orthopedic surgeon specializing in surgical and non-surgical treatment of the spine."

    Chet Williams

  • "I appreciate the efforts made in maintaining privacy."


  • "The Santa Maria office is awesome! Everyone is always willing to help! Thanks to all!"

    Rachel Reed

  • "The staff at The Spine Center is very professional and down to earth. I always have a good experience."


  • "The front desk staff was very helpful in addressing my concerns prior to my appointment. Thank you to every one for making this difficult time a bit easier."

    Mathew Barron

  • "Everyone is wonderful. Thank God for all of you! Everyone at The Spine Center is very thorough and caring."

    Janice Norberg

  • "The staff calls me by my name- that’s very nice! Dr. Moelleken and the Physicians Assistants always explain things well, listen to me, and understand. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through and I feel like I am on my way to living without pain again!"


  • "Excellent, professional staff. However, more importantly is the staff demonstrated CARE of patients."

    Mary Ramos

  • "Outstanding!"

    John Rogriguez

  • "Your staff is very professional."

    Rolando Rodriguez

  • "I have been helped so much by the wonderful staff at Dr. Moelleken’s and have always been treated respectfully. Thank you for letting me respond!"

    William Stebbins

  • "It’s a very comfortable atmosphere and very friendly."

    Bridget Ford

  • "Thank you for being here to help us."

    Ernest Mitchell

  • "I have always been treated well. Thank you."

    Barb Stevenot

  • "Vanessa and Leanne are extremely courteous and professional. I have been to multiple facilities and this center is above and beyond!"

    Andrea McCarthy

  • "Everybody is very nice and professional. It’s very comforting being here."

    George Chavez

  • "I have been treated with respect and kindness every time I come for an appointment. It leaves me feeling comfortable. I might add the office staff is great and efficient."


  • "My experience has been supportive and accommodating by both the medical support staff and doctors. Thanks for all you guys do."

    Patrice Hagstrom

  • "I love you all. You have always been there for me and my family really appreciates it!"

    Deb Tsutsui


  • "I appreciate the patience and the attentiveness that is shown to me by the doctors and staff here at the office of Dr. Moelleken and Ken Nisbet."

    Nicholas Santana

  • "The Spine and Orthopedic Center has improved my quality of life. Thank you!"


  • "All of the physicians and staff have collectively demonstrated that they care about their clients. They have all motivated me and assisted in my progress."

    Calvin Roberts

  • "Best run office I have ever been to. It is a wonderful experience every time I arrive here. I have never been treated so kindly."


  • "Very good service."

    John Gonzales

  • "Thank you to everyone at this office for their kindness and help."


  • "I appreciate the caring response I received from the Physician’s Assistant. I called in with a question and they took the time to speak with me."


  • "Everyone is so kind. The staff are very helpful and answer all my questions every time."

    Jose Osorio


  • "The medical assistance personnel are always kind and considerate.  They handle all appointments with care and with a professional attitude."

    Johnny Torres

  • "I'm very pleased with the staff and the physicians that I have seen."

    Lea Shanette

  • "The service is awesome.  Everyone is very polite and attentive."

    Adrian Lopez

  • "I have recommended this facility to many! Best care I’ve been given since my accident. Staff is friendly and efficient. Medical staff is thorough, patient, caring, knowledgeable and they take the time to listen! They also provide good explanations to questions, etc." 

    Lynn MacPherson

  • "Always courteous and respectful. Thank you!"


  • "My experience at the office was great and I was able to get scheduled for a pain management procedure without a long wait."

    Robert Dominguez

  • "Everyone is always really nice to me when I go for my appointments."

    Carla Rosas

  • "I find The Spine and Orthopedic Center’s staff and doctors to be caring, professional and the key to my recovery from my workplace injury."

    Jim S