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  • What to know about transforaminal epidural steroid injections

    People with conditions including sciatica, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis may benefit from transforaminal epidural steroid injections. Doctors may also use this injection to examine how a person’s body reacts to it to help diagnose any underlying condition that could be causing them pain.

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  • What Is Facet Hypertrophy?

    Facet hypertrophy is a common problem that causes the facet joints in your spine to enlarge. New bone growth and bone spurs can also develop as the joint tries to repair the damaged cartilage. The swelling and new growth can narrow the spinal canal and compress nearby nerves, causing pain.

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  • Nerve block an effective treatment for painful shoulder condition

    Treating the painful shoulder condition adhesive capsulitis with a nerve block is a safe, simple and effective treatment, according to recent results from a Flinders-led clinical trial.

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  • What to know about cervical stenosis in the spine

    Cervical stenosis (CS) is the medical term for the narrowing of the spinal canal in the cervical or “neck” region of the spine. In CS, the upper part of the spinal canal becomes narrowed, compressing the spinal cord and nerve roots in this area.

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  • What does arthritis in the spine look and feel like?

    Spinal arthritis includes a range of degenerative conditions affecting the joints in the spine. The condition may cause swelling and pain. Imaging scans may also show changes to the bone structure.

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